Definition Games – 09.20.22

Directions: Write a word. Fold over paper, and pass to next person, who writes the definition without knowing the word.

Chipmunk – Pertaining to long nose hairs.

Coffee Mug – Covered in Dandelion seeds.

Bargin – Finality. An obviously conclusive, terminal point.

Porcupine – A mass of sticky black substance found in the corners of dungeons.

Dog – Something found in the belly of an earthworm.

Shrubbery – A scientific method for determining joviality.

Elf – Gradations of floral fragrance, all varieties.

Marmalade – A warm feeling, constantly reminding one of the hue of early morning.

Orchid – A decorative object for covering the face on formal occasions. Impractical, but impresses the company with the wearer’s dexterity.

Arborial – Two eggs, stacked on a pancake.

Cicada – A sea sponge, writing secret journals.

Downtrodden – A wall of white bricks, containing merely seven cracks.

Part 2 – Nonsense words

Mushyport – A bottom dweller in the Chattahoochee.

Hydraglobulus – A basket full of ribbons.

Quitquat – A metal wire which one may pull from one’s ear.

Belbrariness – A cranberry-eating ovoid with scales. Native to the peaks of Pluto.

Shmutunenk – A delicious food when dehydrated and crumbled in ice cream.

Falloden – A type of foot fungus that lives symbiotically with open-minded and culturally advanced felines.

Humcat – Calming presence, likely due to friendly sounds or straw hats.

Delirimuff – Remorse of the kind that calls for a lifetime of atonement that still seems to fall short.

Fowfow – A graph of known reality, filtered through cheese cloth.

  • Players: SC, HC, JF, AM


A podcast by The Atlanta Surrealist Group

On Apple Podcasts (…/mubling…/id1644539305), Spotify (, and other major podcast platforms.

Episode 1: This, the inaugural episode of Mumbling Planet, includes FOUR marvels for your listening P L E A S U R E… A three-way cosmic interlocution, a glimpse through chthonic doors, a group juggling of sound and intestines, and a coming together of faceless faces.

Performers in this episode included Steven Cline, Hazel Cline, Alvaro Michael, Barton Linkous, and James Robert Foster.

Music, editing, and production by James Robert Foster


Players: SC, HC, AM, BL, JF


Directions: Each player is assigned a theme by chance. (Example: Eggs, Pigs, etc.) Poems are passed in a circle, and each player must respond to the above lines with a new line written in the constraint of their theme.

A cavern of dusty memories and winds
A yolk sprouting underarms
Infecting the timeline
Hippos with heavy eye-lids
Piggos with Chevy side-kicks

Slumbering clouds awake and look down on the misty town
The big pig nibbles on the twig of figs
Wandering in its hasty feast into the dark place under the cliff
Beyond a wall of feather flesh
The terror of the flesh tips the will to oblivion.

Nothing can stop them at this point… it seems…
To what far off lands shall they explore in dreams?
The pigs in wigs travel in their trusty ship
But all the waters go down, in time, in the earth
Towards the origin, the wheel, and the birth

Round, wet, hole-y
They’re deathly afraid of it…
Perchance they shall think on it, as they slumber
Their flickering snorts betray their presence in the dark
There is no-one to hear, then, but the stony walls

Pigs do not know where they will go
But always, inevitably, down below
Within the bird, a
Black hole asserts itself
Like spongy dreams soaking up the watering hole


Directions: Write a line of poem, fold over. The next person writes a line without seeing the rest of the poem.

Veins swimming eye in a laugh
And then there was a rending as of flapping wings
The tired typist had this to say:
My inner self leaks onto the floorboards

I spill forth and tickle as I trickle
It’s quite the uncomfortable feeling
Hair swallowing, running electron miles
And when at last the first eon had past
Close the book. Burn the scrolls.

The cursive of monks gives way to letter blocks
Trickling down, a red salty stream
God… not… it’s uncomfortable…
Microscopic elves dust my vomit
Having been born, it couldn’t return… just yet

Before time, there was something
I wish I were the letter “a,” or perhaps “j”
Will I ever truly heal? Oh Lordy!
The sun emits fumes
Intestinal dice as my own illuminating hum…

It’s been pent-up in there for a good day now…
Toe thumbing nose in a prank
When the singularity split, loneliness was abated and born
Socrates can only wish that he was literate
The pigs lick up the droppings. yum. yum.

The Face of a Stranger


  1. Draw some superficial facial features. Glasses, mustache, etc.
  2. Turn the face drawing upside down and doodle automatically. Let your hand do the thinking.
  3. Stand back and let the drawing become a face again. The doodle, mapped to the original facial geography, should be read as physiognomy and/or facial expression.
  4. Get to know this unfamiliar face by interacting with it, writing a short biography or having a conversation with it or as it, etc.

Players: SC, HC, AM, BL, JF



Steven Cline – Analog Synthesizer, Rattles, Voice

Hazel Cline – Voice, Bowed Zither, Circuit Sniffer, Piezo Combs, Rattles

James Robert Foster – Voice & Computer (Max/MSP), Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Dictaphone, Piezo Combs, Rattles, Wooden Flute

Mike Stasny – Drums, Voice with Electonics