why the moon glows green

What does the whisper in your stomach say? Cracked oyster shell.

What do you do when you sleep through an eclipse? silver hand.

What is the answer to the question of cat paws? A solitary blood drop.

Why is the love of a good woman born from the dark soul of a potato? Because the clayman devolves like liquid.

Where did mac go? It doesn’t matter. The fan intensifies the fire.

How will we know when the stars fall in love? When there is no more antelope under the rain.

Why does the star vibrate? Maybe you should be asking why the moon glows green when you vomit your agonies.

If the cat discovers the apple then the particle will be trapped by the potential energy barriers

If the sphere becomes erect then it will definitely be sausages for breakfast

If the flesh transfers it’s spore then the buffalo fish police will buffalo the buffalo-fish police

If the marrow lies fallow then we will all rejoice and eat hot pickles

If the branches fall to ash then the soles of our shoes will turn to dust

If we open the book to a random page then the gods will wink and we will disappear

if the world stops turning then we will never understand the true nature of asparagus

Word games with Amy Hale, J. Rhett Aultman, Robert Puckett, Casi Cline, Steven Cline, & Megan Leach

In which we attempt to summon Bessie A. Ficklen, and get a grumpy devil instead

We recently tried to summon our southern surrealist ancestor Bessie Ficklen with a ouija board. It didn’t go so well.

Are you Bessie A. Ficklen? No

Are you dreaming? U2

Would you like to tell us something? FU

Who are you? 666

See Jason Abdelhadi’s post over at the Mormyrid blog for more on Bessie: http://peculiarmormyrid.com/2019/02/03/bessie-a-ficklen-dream-poetry-1891/