Rules: Take a scientific diagram. Number each term, and have each player fill out a random word for each number without seeing the diagram. Later, replace the original words on the diagram with the new ones. Perhaps chance can build us more accurate maps of reality…

As an optional final step, one may also ask the participants to write a “scholarly” explanation of the new and improved diagram(s)…

Played online with various participants…

Cubed Poetry

ML found a set of the game “Haikubes” at the bottom of a box of used books. Ignoring the directions accompanying it, we improvised a few variations of surrealist games with the cubes.

In the first round, we each created one section of a poem on our own, and then assembled the full poem together afterwards.

In the more energetic second round, we all worked on the same poem in real time, slapping down cubes as quickly and unconsciously as possible, competing with each other for speed.

In the third round, we split in pairs of two, and cube’ed with our partner.

After these poems were finished, we flipped the cubes over to take a peak at the poem’s unconscious. Many of these chance under-poems ended up being rather obscene…

  • with ML, SC, HC, D

Dream Inquiry Exhibit

A few of us will be in Chicago next week – either in the flesh or on the walls. Details below.

March 27th – May 30th, 2021

Opening: Saturday, March 27th, 5-10pm

Investigation of dreaming and the unconscious. Painting, collage, illustration, and site-specific interventions. Exhibition carefully assembled by Gallery Sabine and the Chicago Surrealist Group.


Eve Garrison
Penelope Rosemont
Tristan Meinecke
Andres Garcia de la Riva
Beth Garon
Charles Radcliffe
Tom Palazzolo
Steven Cline
Hazel Cline
Megan Leach
Paris Bezanis
Janina Ciezadlo
Laura Corsiglia
Joel Williams
Robert Bruce Tague
Winston Smith
Franck Augustin… and more.

Questions and Answers Game

What are the glaciers melting? Because the bird of eternity holds a grudge.

What do you wish for the new year? A twisted smile.

Where do muffins go to die? A subterranean hillock.

In what country was your great great grandmother born? The train whistle.

How does alice shrink? A mysterious flower dripping ink.

What happens on the UFO? Abruptly, then nothing.

What is the midnight tree? Overturned.

Danny, Megan, Steven, Casi