Perversion for the Five Senses Game

– From “Touching and Imagining”


Color: An odd, translucent purple hue.
Tactile Analogy: Wet and silky, something left in the bath too long.
Smell: Lavender.
Taste: Air freshener liquid.
Sound: A concentrated drone and breathing.

Color: Greenish blue
Tactile Analogy: Like sticking two big hands into a bucket of ice.
Smell: Boiling water.
Taste: Fresh banana.
Sound: A light classical melody.

Color: Maroon.
Tactile Analogy: Cool melted glass dripping between toes.
Smell: Pine and frankencense.
Taste: A very strong hot toddy.
Sound: The tinkling of bells.


Color: Cyanish green, pinkish red, yellow, and black.
Tactile Analogy: Rotting wood and toenails in a box.
Smell: Rotten Food.
Taste: Brass doorknobs.
Sound: Strained violin playing.

Color: Blackish green
Tactile Analogy: The slow sinking of a dying Neanderthal into nearby tar pit.
Smell: Swamp.
Taste: liquorish.
Sound: Deep gong & the fingernail scratch band

Color: Brown
Tactile Analogy: Sinking into mud with a squirming thing in it.
Smell: Swampy and acrid.
Taste: How ladybugs smell.
Sound: Squelching


Color: Grayscale
Tactile Analogy: A burning rock with partial metal coating pressed against a sensitive area.
Smell: Blood.
Taste: Blood.
Sound: Loud Piano.

Color: Orange and red.
Tactile Analogy: A bear cub trapped via sudden sinkhole into very deep cave. He is slowly losing oxygen.
Smell: Rotting flowers.
Taste: Strawberries in brown gruel.
Sound: The tearing of fabric.

Color: Pink.
Tactile Analogy: Like tattooing a name onto a tongue.
Smell: Disinfectant.
Taste: Blood chocolate
Sound: Tearing cloth.


Color: Earth tones but with more grime.
Tactile Analogy: A fur driver’s coat with a dog head inside. In a garden.
Smell: Feces.
Taste: Grass.
Sound: Silence.

Color: Brown
Tactile Analogy: A fur coat, wrapped around a wooden log, dipped in molasses.
Smell: Feces.
Taste: Raw meat.
Sound: Fingers tapping on a stove.

Color: Faux wood grain.
Tactile Analogy: Like rolling down a hill covered in goose shit.
Smell: Hay and wood chips.
Taste: Barbecue sunflower seeds.
Sound: Cacophony.