Jan 29th games

Game of illot mollo. Directions: non-writing players announce words out loud at random, and a writer must then incorporate these words into his automatic text.


As I strolled along the riverside, I saw a burrowing porcupine with some whiskers of delight. A tortoise teat evolved at once into a granulation of the wise abrahamic lincoln. I did not know what to think, after that particular spinal column. What a day this was, and still! Still I was not yet self-aware. My mother had been correct about me all of this time. “The cats are at it again”, whispered a nearby trembling oak. At least today was only the Abrahamic lincoln seasonal shedding. At least the ceiling fan of the 3 babies knew best when first to crumble. Waste reclamation was still practiced here, on this continent of stone. And As for King Pinkytoe, he had not yet been traversed. Had not yet harvested crop of treasured wonderful wisdom tooth. Fanny Hill? No, indeed. It was time to return to my feathery bed. A sleep of exsanguination toe was truly the best that one could hope for…



Mercedes-Benz Stadium

CC: Fill it with milk & feed the entire continent cereal
AK: Change its title to “Grand Brand Placement”
SC: Turn the walls into red floppy jello, then cover it with a legion of hungry possum.

Centennial Park

CC: Light all the touches to create a beacon for aliens.
AK: Turn it upside down to reveal the secrets of the mole people.
SC: Replace the water with molasses. Change the bricks into taffy.

Little 5 Points

CC: Take all its little 5 points and expand them into large weather balloons.
AK: Elongate the first park bench I see until it reaches enlightenment
SC: Give life to the Vortex restaurant’s big skull head. Make it ask the passerbys riddles. Make the blind man king.

Underground Atlanta

CC: Fill it with cheese. Charge admission and market it as Atlanta’s “moon attraction”.
AK: Dig it deeper until it becomes a tourist attraction for the underworld.
SC: Pump water into it, make it an underground river instead.

The AT & T Building

CC: Take away one “A” and one “T” , and then add a new “BL”. Afterwards, I will have it for lunch.
AK: Remove the other T for grammatical reasons.
SC: Flatten into oblivion.

The Westin’s rotating Sun Dial Restaurant

CC: Detach it from its pedestal and gift it to some visiting giants as frisbee.
AK: Rotate it the other way to send rich people into orbit.
SC: Turn the rotating floor into a sentient, ravenous flesh blob. It will nip at unsuspecting bourgeois toes.

The Varsity

CC: Regurgitate it.
AK: Reverse its name, and then change the restaurant policy so that customers spontaneously materialize the food. They will leave this food on empty tables for no one to eat.
SC: Replace all menu items with totally useless natural objects, such as twigs, leaves, and stones.