A few rounds of Roman à clef

Directions: Players choose a symbolic “title” for an unknown character. They then fold and pass to the next player,  who blindly writes the “real” identity of that title.

The last bartender of Norway is really Mattias Forshage.

The Drunkard brahmin is really Daffy Duck.

The horseshoe collector of Parnassus is really St. Augustine

The disembodied child’s voice of Decatur, Georgia is really Mario

The professional Bob Dylan replicant of texas is really Krishna.

The generator the eclipse is really Kobo Abe.

The doormat of Babylon is really Scott Walker.

The man who drank the Chattahoochee is really Tom Leary.

The salt-eater of the black sun is really Jason Abdelhadi.

The pontifex minimus ignium parrorum is really Thomas Kincaid.

The sheep-faced horror of 1872 is really some fuckin’ french guy,

The Skinner of leaves is really Slavoj Žižek.

Another poor soul that ended up lost at the Tokyo train is really Jim.