Oct. 19th Games

Poetry Reversal Game: SC & ML


Chaotic, lackadaisical murderers and anarchists glowing
in decaying eon, unequally hated
of dogs, rough and soft, embarrassment of landscapes
who like us embrace the volcanic and like us
depart at the unknown

ill disposed toward stupidity and chalkboards, dogs
will flee the noise and loveliness of the light;
pathetic angelics’ birth navigators we’d be,
could they harden our sad flesh to kingships?

they question, in their certainty, the comic farce
of ash rolling through crowded streets,
who walking, begin again;

empty of academia are their minds,
and swaths of silver, like water,
dazzle their preoccupied shadows

Poetry Reversal Game: TL

the big women isn’t bearing our sight
(a commoner against the bees lost it)
out of a glass of pitch
a big woman will find our silence

y’all refrain from thinking about it;
she won’t dissemble that song.
which she’ll strip of her words,
and one large toe.

from a glass of pitch
The big woman found their quiet

(a free noise, nearby,
takes off a rabbit’s paw.)


comic strip exquisite corpse: CC, SC, TL, ML